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X-Men & Business

March 9 | ONLINE

Do you create differently than other people? Ready to make that work for you in business?
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Creating Money For The Joy Of It

Starting March 25 | ONLINE

What if you could create money for the pure joy of it?
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Being The Bridge

April 6 | ONLINE

How do you be the bridge between knowing what’s true and this reality?
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Access Facelift Class

April 7 | Batavia, IL

In this 1-day class, experience and learn an energetic-treatment that soothes your mind, rejuvenates your face and relaxes your body.
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Spirits Of The Earth

May 10 | Online

Have you wanted to engage with the nature spirits?

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Access Bars Class

May 18 | Holland, MI

What is it you’ve been looking for but have never been able to find?

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Talk To The Entities Introduction

June 21 | Kincardine, Canada & Online

Talk to The Entities is the introduction to seeing the world in a whole new way.

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Talk To The Entities Beginning

June 21 - 23 | Kincardine, Canada

What if entity awareness is a potency and gift?
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