#48 Be Moved: Releasing Trauma Through Movement

How much trauma is stored in your body? What if movement was a kinder, gentler and more effective way to allow it to unwind and release?

Join Dr. Melissa Mahon and Heather Nichols for a conversation about allowing your body to truly relax into being.


Heather Nichols, MSW is an Access Consciousness facilitator, somatic psychotherapist, movement therapist, business lover, author, & body mage. She has been working with bodies, businesses, and the people that have them for almost 3 decades, and has developed a unique way of working with people that systematically looks at the entire picture of somebody’s world in order to create the thrival that her clients are asking for. Heather’s unique podcast, The Entrepreneurial Biome, is a robust and innovative dive into many different conversations that bring seemingly disparate parts of our lives together to create a self-sustaining and self-evolving ecosystem of business, body, and living. Heather travels globally to deliver workshops and Access Consciousness classes, and also loves to work in-depth with private clients asking for dynamic change and flourishing on all levels.

Heather lives in Boulder Co, Mexico, & Seattle; and can often be found in Europe as well! She has been a single mom to 2 teenage boys for most of their lives, and has a 14 year young long distance relationship as well. Her unique life choices and out-of-the-box way of being with her children and her partner have provided her many opportunities for the personal and professional growth she fervently chooses every day. Heather walks her talk and brings a depth of vulnerability, strength, and personal experience & wisdom to her powerful and unique work.

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Website: www.heathernichols.com

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