#37 What Capacities Does Your Body Have That You Have Not Acknowledged?

What is your body capable of showing you? What gift would you be for your body if you could let go of judgment? What is truly possible with bodies beyond this reality?

Join Marco Tessiore and Dr. Melissa Mahon for this beautiful conversation on the gift of having a body.


Marco Tessiore is a producer, filmmaker and photographer. His involvement Access started with the creations of video contents for classes, global events and BARS campaigns.
He has always had a fascination for bodies and their differences as type, beauty, aesthetic and abilities. Across his studies and productions bodies have often been the subjects of his aesthetic explorations in video and photography works.
Currently Marco is an Access Consciousness Facilitator, with an X-men specialization, on the way to become a 3Day Body CF.
He is Italian, however he loves pancakes.