#36 What Can Horses Teach Us About Engagement

What is engaging actually? What if you could engage with everything all the time…and what if this would change the way your life shows up?

Alison Cox, Certified Facilitator of Access Consciousness joins Dr. Melissa Mahon for a conversation about what horses can show us about how we engage and questions we can ask to invite more possibilities into our lives.


Alison Cox is an enthusiastic entrepreneur, gifted Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator and Founder of http://myacousticlife.com and Alivio Massage Therapy, Inc in Denver, CO.
She has been professionally working with people, entities, and animals for over 7 years! Since finding and applying the tools of Access Consciousness®, Talk to the Entities®, and Conscious Horse Conscious Rider® her bodywork, communication skills, business, money flows, life, living and reality have all completely changed in amazing and dynamic ways!
And if she can do it, so you can YOU! Alison is now on an international mission to spread awareness of the beautiful world of consciousness, choice, and true happiness through classes, workshops and private sessions