#33 WTF is Choice and How Do You Use It to Create Your Life?

What if choice isn’t what you think it was? What if choice isn’t about getting it right but was about the creation of your life? Join Dr. Melissa Mahon with special guest, Brendon Watt for a conversation about choosing beyond limitation.


Brendon Watt is a man who has lived small and large and now he wants to change the world to be better.
Brendon grew up in a middle-class family trying to have middle-class values, until he discovered these values were not really his. After decades of conformity, broke and unhappy, living as a single dad in a tiny room in his mother’s home, along with his four-year-old child, he asked for change.
Soon after, he discovered the pragmatic tools of Access Consciousness and made the choice to change his life.
Today, Brendon is a worldwide speaker, and lead facilitator for Access Consciousness, a global empowerment company in 176 countries. Many have found Brendon’s teachings to be a gift to them for greater possibility. His classes and workshops empower others to know they are not wrong, that anything is possible, and that they are just one choice away from change.
One area he specializes in helping others to overcome addiction, as he too walks the path of recovery and sobriety.
His first book, Relationship: Are You Sure You Want One? co-authored with Simone Milasas is an international best-seller, available in seven languages.
Find Brendon every week on his podcast "One Choice from Change" on iTunes, on Amazon, and on the Access Consciousness® website.

Website: http://brendonwatt.com
Instagram: http://instragram.com/accessbrendonwatt
Facebook: http://facebook.com/brendonwattcfmw/
Youtube: http://youtube.com/brendonwatt