#32 Communicate with Your Body?!

Did you know you can not only talk to your body but that you can also listen to your body?!

Your body would love to be included in all things pertaining to it!

Join Donnielle Carter and Dr. Melissa Mahon for a conversation packed full of tools to have improved communication with your body.


Donnielle never thought she would work with bodies even though she has spent over 35 years working in the field of bodies. She came into it early when her mother became a nutritionist and hosted a health talk radio show host which lasted 27 years. Donnielle was right there with her every Saturday doing the show with her. Learning and resisting much.

Over 15 years ago Donnielle was introduced to the energetic tools of Access Consciousness® & Right Body for You® and how she worked with bodies changed dynamically. She began a relationship & conversation with her body that is in constant evolution & expansion. Gary Douglas, Founder of Access Consciousness & Right Body for You, asked Donnielle to be the spokesperson and co-creator of Right Body for You and it’s been a life & body changing adventure.

Originally shy, Donnielle spent 10 years in the world of TV Production & Promotion in background, pushing buttons and holding cameras. With the amazing energetic tools, Donnielle now travels the world facilitating classes on bodies, energies, the words we use to create our life & body and so much more. She teaches in person, online and one on one.

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