#26 Have You Acknowledged How Different You Are?

Join my amazing friend Ava Pandit and myself for an expansive conversation about the gift and the difference that you are. What would change if you never judged you as wrong again?

About Ava Pandit

Ava Pandit is a Certified Life Coach, a Speaker, and an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator. She helps misfits, dreamers, and creators access their gifts & true potential and strengthen their trust in themselves. Ava believes that true, lasting, and sustainable change begins from a place of kindness(towards oneself), and her coaching & facilitation is strongly rooted in that.

She's helped dozens of clients in the process of starting their businesses, and towards adding new revenue streams. Ava's vision is to see a more conscious, kinder, lighter world; and she knows that it begins with people cultivating consciousness, kindness, and lightness in their everyday life and living. Her target is to contribute towards that with everything she creates and offers.

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