From Anxious To Miraculous

About This Product:

Have you struggled with Anxiety? Panic? Feelings of Stress or Overwhelm?

Join Dr. Melissa Mahon for 10 videos using the tools of Access Consciousness to start to change and release the anxiety that has been holding you back from the creation of your life.

Some of these tools include:

- Acknowledging that you are aware
- Letting go of judgment
-Tapping into what you know and following what is true for you
- Using questions to change the energy to create the life you’d like to have
- Connecting to your body and the Earth to have more ease and relaxation

You Will Receive:

  • 10 x Video Recordings


Available in: English, Mandarin (将会在近几天完成翻译上载。)
Translation available upon request (once we have 3 requests for a language, we will have it translated). Please email [email protected]

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$45.00 USD