Business and Money

In this one day class, you will start to discover what’s truly possible in business and your finances. This is not just for corporates, business owners or entrepreneurs as you will discover what you can create in and as your life.

It’s your life, this is not a test – you get to choose it, you get to create it, and it’s allowed to be fun for you and you are allowed to ask for more. – SIMONE MILASAS, founder and author of JOY OF BUSINESS

Learn to ask questions that will change limitations, and start creating something greater than what you have considered before in your business and finances.


*You will also receive the Falling in Love with your Business Energy Pulls Series  as a gift.


Date & Time: February 5-6 @ 9.30 am CST

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Location: Online Zoom


Price: $450 (Country pricing applies)


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